Penis Envy Magic Mushroom is available through the Magic Mushroom Society

Penis Envy Magic Mushroom

Psilocybin mushrooms have already gained popularity among consumers. However, the particular strain, which has grabbed the attention of consumers, is the Penis Envy Mushroom. Filled with magical qualities, this mushroom is now available from the Magic Truffle Society. The Penis Envy is easily identifiable with its look.

Origin of Penis Envy

You cannot find any clear proof about the origin and source of the Penis Envy shroom. However, according to a legend, its origin was from a large, healthy mushroom in Amazon Rainforest. A lecturer, author, and psychonaut, Terrence McKenna, found it for the first time. However, now, you can buy the mushroom from the Magic Truffle Society. A fresh pack of Penis Envy mushrooms is available at the most reasonable rate.

How do you identify Penis Envy?

Although Magic Truffle Society will help you in finding the mushroom, it is important to know about its appearance. The mushroom truly resembles the shape of a male reproductive organ. Moreover, the wrinkly, dense body of the mushroom is easily noticeable.

Penis Envy shrooms have thick stems with bulbous caps. The caps are clearly separated from the stems. In most cases, the shades of these shrooms can range from dark brown to light tan. The stem has some blue bruised parts indicating the high level of psilocybin. Furthermore, the lack of velum and underdeveloped cap are notable characteristics. Check out these traits while buying Penis Envy from Magic Truffle Society.

Penis Envy mushrooms are available with variations, and some of them are-

Albino Penis Envy- The white color makes this mushroom easily identifiable. The cap has a touch of dark blue color. Moreover, the mushroom size is smaller than average shrooms.

Penis Envy Uncut- It is the most potent variety with some unique characteristics. The physical traits are also distinctive, as the caps are not opened in the mature fruiting bodies. Moreover, these caps are darker than other standard strains.

Trans Envy Mushroom- It is another variety, which looks like Transkei Magic Mushroom. The stems are slender and have a yellowish-white color. However, you may not find a high potency in them.

Penis Envy mushrooms, bought from a reliable platform, would give you the desired effects. But, you may not find a considerable difference in the proportion of psychotropic compounds in different varieties of the Penis Envy Mushroom strain.

You can consume 1 to 2 grams of these mushrooms to find better introspection. However, there may be an effect on psychological functioning. You will have synaesthesia and illusions. Some consumers have reported that the mushroom has altered their visual perceptions. However, emotional shifts after consuming the Penis Envy mushroom are temporary.

Now, you can look for an authentic source to buy the mushroom strain. Magic Truffle Society is the best destination to purchase the strain without quality issues. However, you must check the legal rules of your locality before making a deal. Magic Truffle Society has several other types of mushroom spores, spore syringes, and vials.

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